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Augmented Reality

Give your customers the ability to see your furniture in their home or office. It’s virtually impossible to tell if the AR model is not, in fact, a real chair, see for yourself.

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Augmented Reality

Mood Scenes

We create photorealistic mood images to spur imagination and evoke emotions. See our examples below to get a flavour of what we can offer.

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3D Modelling

We produce high quality geometrically correct 3D models that are perfect replicas of your real product.

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If you have requirements you don’t see listed, please contact us either using the chat widget or booking a free consultation to discuss your requirements.

Studio Renders

We create photorealistic digital images, no need to make prototypes and pay to send products to a photography studio making product rendering a flexible, fast and cost-effective solution.

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Fabrics, woods, metals, we design photorealistic materials ready for creating high-quality pixel-perfect renders.

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Video content is proven to improve customer engagement, here at Mimeeq we create both technical and emotion inspiring content to captivate your audience.

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Have a look at some of our work, we are ready to make your products jump off the page.

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