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3D Product Configurator

Generate more sales by easily showing users every possible product colour or style combination.

3D image of a couch in the product configurator, showcasing customizable components like pillows, legs, and covers

3D Configurator for eCommerce

Improve eCommerce experience

Enhance customer experience and build engaging eCommerce platforms with powerful 3D Configurator.

Enhance customer experience

Personalise the user journey, empower visitors to visualise the product they want to buy and let them envisage it in their life.

Everyone wants to see what they’re buying – realistic 3D product configurations do exactly that.

Personalise shopping experiences

Enable your customers to build relationships with your brand and products.

The ability to build your own product and see it from every angle creates an immersive experience similar to in-store shopping.

Engage & Convert

A picture says a thousand words. Let your customers create their own pictures.

With Mimeeq’s 3D product configurator, shoppers aren’t just 20% more likely to make a purchase; they’re embarking on an engaging and personalised shopping journey that transforms browsing into buying.

3D Configurator for eCommerce

Boost your online sales

Explore every potential product configurations in real time on any device.

Real-time customisation

Let your customers see exactly what they’re buying with realistic 3D product visualizations in real time.

  • Every potential product customisation
  • Dynamic product options
  • Real-time prices

Detailed 3D artistry

3D product configurator is the closest user will get to touching a tangible product in an eCommerce store.

  • Stunning and realistic 3D renders
  • View in your space using Augmented Reality
  • Product measurements are true to life

Any Device

A fully responsive design enables seamless interaction on any device, without losing any features.

  • Streamlined user experience across devices
  • Optimal performance on various screens
  • Accessible from anywhere, anytime

3D Configurator Demo

Explore 3D product configurator by yourself! Check out live demo products to see configurator capabilities.

3D Product Configurator Features

Key features of 3D product configurator

The ultimate 3D content hub catering to all your marketing, digital, and merchandising requirements.

Custom and brand-aligned UI

Create unique user interface that perfectly aligns with your brand identity.

  • Custom font, colour theme and icons
  • Wide range of widget styles
  • UI/UX support

Boost sales with AR

Boost conversion and minimise returns with Augmented Reality.

  • Web-native, no app install required
  • Visualise products in your space
  • Instant real-time rendering

Generate PDF & Image

Empower customers to export customised products as PDFs or images.

  • Transform any content into customised PDF
  • Export straight from the web browser
  • High-resolution images

3D Product Configurator Features

Why Mimeeq’s 3D configurator?

Mimeeq simplifies team collaboration from crafting 3D assets to handling product catalogs.

Unlimited combinations

No matter how many items and product variations you have, Mimeeq produces an engaging and interactive 3D product.

Stress-free selling

Take the stress and pressure out of selling by equipping customers with the ability to create their ideal product.

User-friendly CMS for your team

Equip your team with user-friendly configurator technology. Easily build product variations from scratch, with minimal or no coding.

No matter how many variations you have to create, this intuitive system enables your team to work quickly and collaboratively.

Unlock potential of your business

Maximise sales reducing returns by integrating the power of 3D product configuration.

The stats don't lie – 3D product configuration generates sales

The numbers speak for themselves, underlining its transformative influence on customer engagement and revenue generation.

more time users spend using a product configurator system

less returns because of realistic and detailed product visualisation

of shoppers find shopping experience as crucial as product


Got a question about 3D Product Configurator?

This is a space for your questions. Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Please don’t hesitate to Contact us.

3D configurator is a powerful tool that allows you to customise and visualize products in three dimensions. It lets you interactively modify various features, such as colors, materials, sizes, and options, to create a personalized version of the product in real-time. This helps you see exactly how your customised product will look before making a purchase.

You can explore 3D product configurator by yourself! Check out live 3D product configurator demo to see configurator capabilities.

3D configurator can be used for a wide range of products, including furniture, clothing, footwear, jewellery, sports equipment and many more. It’s especially beneficial for products with multiple customisable attributes that can significantly impact their appearance and functionality.

The final product closely matches what you configure in the 3D configurator. However, it’s important to note that slight variations may occur due to factors like monitor calibration, lighting conditions, and material properties.

Integrating the configurator into your current website is a straightforward process. All you need to do is copy a simple code snippet provided by us and paste it into your webpage.

We offer a robust JavaScript Embed library designed to simplify the integration process. This library handles all the technical complexities, seamlessly embedding our configurator directly into your webpage. Notably, this integration approach avoids the use of iframes. Another benefit is that it enables the addition of the unique configuration details to your website’s URL, facilitating easy sharing of your customised configurations.

Additionally, we offer an authentication client-side API that allows you to provide login access to our application. This feature enables your partners to receive invitations and log in to your website, granting them access to view pricing information and other supplementary data.

The response is a mix of both yes and no.

For updating pricing, content, options, and product data, 3D experience is not a requirement. However, it’s important to note that you will need appropriately prepared 3D models in formats such as glb, gltf, or obj to initiate the process.

If you require assistance in crafting the 3D models, Mimeeq provides content creation services to support you in this aspect.

Feel free to contact us, and our team will be more than happy to help you.

Absolutely, we offer dedicated training sessions that span 10 hours, tailored to a schedule that best suits you.

During these training sessions, we will comprehensively cover all facets of the CMS, ensuring you have a thorough understanding.

Furthermore, we’ve made it convenient for you to reach out whenever you need assistance. Our live in-app chat and ticketing system are accessible at any time, allowing you to connect with us seamlessly.


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