Personalised Shopping Experience

2D Product Configurator

Allow your customers to effortlessly visualise all possible product variations, and boost your online sales.

Grey couch with black straps customisable through Mimeeq's 2D product configurator, featuring close-ups on upholstery and seat belt, with a background displaying fabric options


Transform online shopping

Elevate customer satisfaction and engagement through our interactive 2D product customisation.

Elevating customer experience

Revamp the customer journey by providing a personalised experience through a 2D Configurator, enabling users to visualise and customise their desired products.

Dynamic shopping experience

Empower your customers to engage with your brand and products on a deeper level.

With the option to customise and view products from all angles, you can provide a shopping experience that rivals in-store visits.

Captivating eCommerce experience

An image conveys a thousand words. Empower your customers to design their own images.

Utilising 2D product configuration software, customers are 20% more likely to complete a purchase when they can personalise their own items.

2D Product Configurator Features

Boost online sales conversions

2D Product Configurator designed to boost sales and provide cost-effective personalisation options.

Fast visual previews

  • Smaller file sizes compared to 3D configurators
  • Smooth and seamless user experience
  • Minimised loading times

Reduced complexity

  • Straightforward customisation solution
  • Ideal for businesses seeking cost-effective options
  • No need for intricate 3D designs

Enhanced customer confidence

  • Sufficient visual information for informed decisions
  • Clear presentation of product variations and customisation options
  • Reduced apprehension and increased sales conversions

2D Configurator Demo

Dive into the world of product customisation with our dynamic 2D configurator. Explore live demo product to see capabilities of our tool! 🚀

Streamlined Product Customisation

Key features of 2D product configurator

Shareable PDFs and images aid resellers, while instant, partner-specific pricing ensures accuracy.

Endless options and assets

Let the customer choose any colour combination they wish, the possibilities are endless with our 2D Product Configurator.

Generate PDF and images

All product-related content can be turned into shareable PDFs or stunning images, aiding resellers in promoting your products effectively.

Live price calculation

Instantly access prices with a click – publicly or through secure partner login. Customised for each partner, real-time calculations ensure accurate, seamless price checks.

Seamless Solutions for Success

Why Mimeeq’s 2D configurator?

Mimeeq’s 2D product configurator enhances sales by boosting engagement and reducing returns.

Easy implementation and maintenance

Mimeeq’s 2D Product Configurator is simple to set up and maintain, making it a hassle-free solution for businesses.

Cost-effective customisation

Offer your customers extensive customisation options without the added expense and complexity of a 3D configurator.

Proven to increase sales

The use of Mimeeq’s 2D Configurator has been shown to improve customer engagement, increase conversions, and reduce return rates.

Visualise product variations with a 2D Configurator

Step into a new era of personalised shopping experiences with our innovative 2D Configurator today!


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Product configurator software is a technological solution that facilitates a more interactive shopping experience.

User Interaction:

  • Visual Customisation: enables customers to view and alter product variations.
  • Realistic Display: provides a tangible feel of products through 2D or 3D visualisation.

Technical Aspects:

  • Implementation: generally designed for simple setup and maintenance.
  • File Size Consideration: 2D Configurators typically have smaller file sizes compared to 3D, affecting loading times.

Impact on Shopping Experience:

  • Customer Engagement: encourages active participation in product selection.
  • Conversion Influence: statistics indicate that configurators can enhance conversion rates by providing personalised options.

Product configurator software serves as a bridge between static online catalog shopping and dynamic, personalised engagement, offering benefits to both businesses and consumers without a specific focus on sales promotion.

Product customisation in e-commerce refers to the ability for customers to personalise and configure products according to their preferences and requirements. This is facilitated through tools like 2D and 3D Product Configurators, which allow customers to engage with various product attributes.

  • Interactive Customisation: customers can visualise all possible product variations, effortlessly modifying aspects like color, size, design, and other attributes.
  • Realistic Visualisation: tools like 2D Configurators provide a lifelike view of product variations, allowing customers to see what they are purchasing.
  • Dynamic Shopping Experience: customisation options strengthen the customer-brand relationship and provide an in-store-like experience, even online. It offers comprehensive information and specifications, making online shopping more engaging.
  • Enhanced Conversion Rates: by allowing customers to personalise their items, customisation leads to increased satisfaction and confidence, often resulting in higher sales conversions.
  • Cost-Effective Options: depending on the complexity required, businesses can offer customisation through either 2D or 3D Configurators without incurring excessive expenses.

In summary, product customisation in e-commerce is about empowering customers to make personalised choices, providing a more engaging, satisfactory, and interactive shopping experience. Tools like Mimeeq’s 2D Product Configurator are examples of how this technology is applied to enhance the online purchasing process.

The possibilities with Mimeeq’s 2D Configurator are virtually endless! From the everyday to the exclusive, you can offer a unique touch to a broad spectrum of products:

  • Furniture: allow customers to choose fabrics, colours, and styles.
  • Clothing & Footwear: mix and match sizes, patterns, and accessories.
  • Jewellery: create personalised pieces with different metals and gems.
  • Sports Equipment: tailor to specific user needs, preferences, or team colours.
  • … and much more! If it can be customised, our 2D configurator can handle it!

The 2D Configurator is especially powerful for products with multiple customisable attributes that significantly affect appearance and functionality. Whether it’s simple or complex customisation, the 2D Configurator makes it visually engaging and user-friendly.

Ready to take your product customisation to the next level? Let’s make it happen with Mimeeq’s 2D Configurator! Whether you’re eager to begin or just have questions, Contact Us and our team will help you.

Integrating Mimeeq’s 2D Configurator into your current website is as smooth as butter! Here’s a simple guide:

  • Copy & Paste Magic: we provide you with a straightforward code snippet. Just copy and paste it into your webpage, and voila! Your 2D configurator is live.
  • Powerful JavaScript Embed Library:
    – Simplifies Integration: handles all the tech complexities, embedding the 2D Configurator directly.
    – No Iframes: we’re keeping it clean and seamless.
    – Unique URL Details: share your customised configurations with ease by adding unique details to your site’s URL.
  • Authentication Client-Side API:
    – Login Access: provide access to partners through login invitations, allowing them to view pricing information and more.
    – Enhance Collaboration: grant special access to partners, helping them engage with your platform in a more efficient manner.

The integration process is designed to be simple yet powerful, letting you take your e-commerce site to the next level with Mimeeq’s 2D Configurator. Need help? We’re just a click away!

Yes, mastering Mimeeq’s 2D Product Configurator has never been easier! Here’s how we set you up for success:

  • Tailored Training Sessions: we offer 10 hours of dedicated training, designed to fit your schedule. Learn all the ins and outs of the 2D configurator at your convenience.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: from basic setup to advanced customisation, we ensure that you have a profound understanding of every aspect of the tool. It’s hands-on learning to boost your business!
  • Always Here to Help: stuck on something? No worries! Our live in-app chat and ticketing system are available around the clock. Reach out anytime, and we’ll be right there to guide you.

Let’s turn your e-commerce platform into an engaging, personalised shopping experience with the 2D Product Configurator. We’re with you every step of the way!

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